Cultural Adjustment
Moving house is stressful, even if you only move to a new neighborhood in your home city. Moving cities is more stressful. Moving from the city to the countryside, or the reverse, is likely to be harder still. Moving to a different culture is something else again. Hopefully, the experience is, on balance, more exciting than anxiety-provoking, but there will certainly be challenges. The things that sustained you back home will not necessarily have obvious equivalents in the new culture. Unfamiliar working or socializing patterns may put a strain on what you thought were firmly established relationships. Beneath the obvious challenge of a new language lurk unpredictable, but fundamental differences in habits of communication. Seeing such challenges as opportunities for

                                              growth, and learning how to adjust yourself to 

                                              new knowledge and realities can be very tough.

                                              A good coach can act as  your guide and

                                              mentor during such times and help you to          

                                              not  only survive in the new culture,  but to see     

                                              and act on the opportunities it presents. 


​                                             Financial Coaching
                                              I'm interested in personal finance and

                                              investment. Not everyone's idea of fun, I know.

                                              Some years ago I began to educate myself in the

 subject and have reached the point where, for better or worse, I prefer to make my own mistakes and learn from them rather than use a financial advisor. Not everyone wants to spend their time learning about investment, and for those people a good option is to find an affordable professional they can trust and pay them to manage their money. 
     Both these options are fine, of course, but being in two minds about who is in control of your financial future is costly both in terms of money lost (e.g. to inflation or low returns) and in terms of a wasted opportunity to grow and learn. If you want to develop financial discipline and start saving/saving more, learn how to make money you already have work harder for you, or get comfortable with having someone else look after you money, then coaching can help.

change is often hard, and making the 
change itself will likely require courage 
and stamina. It is at such times of stress and self doubt that coaching can really help us keep focussed on our goals and motivated to take the action that is necessary to bring what are often huge personal and/or financial rewards.

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Writing Coaching
I'm a writer. I write, or have written,

songs, poems, a blog, letters, emails, postcards (remember those?), a diary, academic essays and research papers, lists, and short stories. I’m happier when I’m writing regularly, and calmer. I use writing for interpersonal conflict resolution. In the culture in which I have grown up writers are often put on a pedestal and ‘ordinary’ people are often put off writing because they think they can’t measure up. Yet the difference between J.K. Rowling or Stephen King or Charles Dickens and a writer of average ability is the same as the difference between Michael Schumacher and an average driver; but people don’t not drive because of it, just as people don’t not speak because they can’t orate like Martin Luther King Jr. or don’t not cook because they aren’t Jamie Oliver. I’m a writer and proud of it and I want to help other people to feel confident to say the same.

I believe that "all coaching is life coaching after the third session" and as such I am prepared to coach on a wide range of topics. However, my particular specialties are career transition, cultural adjustment, financial and writing coaching.

Career Transition
Many of us would like something about our work to be different: we'd like a different job, or a different role in our current job; we'd like to make more money or have a better work/life balance; we'd like to be less stressed, feel more valued or experience greater excitement and sense of purpose. Making the decision to make a ​