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​​How the Coaching Works
We start with a discovery session where I will ask you a number of questions designed to get to the heart of what you want from coaching and the bottom of what might be holding you back. During this session we will agree on some preliminary goals. I prefer to do this session in person and it will take between 90 minutes and two hours.

We then proceed on an agreed monthly schedule. I recommend sessions of 45 minutes or an hour at least twice a month for a minimum of three months; although it is not uncommon for the coaching to continue for six months or longer. This can be tailored to suit the needs and schedules of the individual. 

I ask clients to bring a topic to each session. This could be an ongoing topic that was decided on in the discovery session or something that has arisen between sessions. Common topics include: challenges that arise from the client’s working environment such as handling new responsibilities or dealing with interpersonal conflict; adjusting to the demands of an unfamiliar culture; the challenges involved in building a business or changing career; and negotiating a pay increase or role change at work. However, since my expertise is in coaching and I believe that the client is the expert where their own life is concerned, I am prepared to coach on a wide range of topics.

At the end of each session we will agree on ‘homework tasks’ to be completed before the next session. These could be questions to be given deeper consideration and/or specific actions that are designed to bring the client closer to the goals which emerge from the coaching. The goals themselves are guides to action and we review them regularly making adjustments where appropriate.